Our Portfolios

Our products and services provide innovative and robust solutions to help preserve and enhance your wealth.  They concentrate on high elements of capital protection or capital preservation whilst taking advantage of various tax reliefs guaranteed by HMRC.


Please select one of the options below to discover how the Blackfinch Investment portfolios can benefit you:


The Blackfinch IHT Portfolios allow you to mitigate inheritance tax after 2 years whilst maintaining access to and control of capital. Read more

AIM Portfolios

Blackfinch have teamed up with Chelverton Asset Management to offer a discretionary portfolio service designed to mitigate IHT by investing in a portfolio of AIM shares, carefully constructed by our team of specialist investors.  Read more

EIS Portfolios

Our EIS Portfolios provide access to the attractive tax benefits of EIS by investing into companies which benefit from underlying security through real assets and strong revenues, whilst also providing opportunity for growth.  Read more

Media EIS Portfolios

The Blackfinch Media EIS Portfolios allows investors to access the attractive tax benefits of EIS by investing into media companies that target capital preservation.  Read more


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