Corporate Management Service

Blackfinch have developed a solution which is designed to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for surplus capital held within a business.


The Blackfinch Corporate Management Service will work under a management agreement with business owners to make this excess cash work harder for them within their company. As this capital is staying within the business, the owners are always in control.


Under this agreement Blackfinch can help business owners to develop a trading strategy, based on both asset-backed and property development lending, which can be tailored to their own risk profile and return expectations.


Whilst business owners are staying in control of their day-to-day business, Blackfinch work alongside them to ensure that their trading strategy and business plan can be achieved.


As surplus cash within a trading company can be deemed as an ‘excepted asset’ for Business Relief purposes, by trading this cash into a qualifying lending trade, it could also help restore Business Relief on this capital.


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