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Business Property Relief is a tax relief that was introduced by the UK government in 1976. HMRC even has a generous replacement property rule which says that if someone sells an asset that

qualifies for BPR, they can reinvest the all proceeds of the sale in a new BPR investment within three years and qualify for BPR immediately.


The relief is one of the most important reliefs available within the scope of IHT as it reduces the value of certain assets liable by up to 100%. Relief is available

for certain investments including shares in qualifying unquoted companies. The investor to hold the shares for two years prior to them being transferred upon death, or if you acquire

the shares on the death of a spouse/civil partner then their period of ownership counts towards yours.


Blackfinch will only invest in companies that we are confident will qualify for Business Property Relief and we will always obtain independent verification to this effect. Business Property Relief is now well-established and has been used over many years to successfully help individuals and their families save 40% inheritance tax.


Blackfinch have teamed up with Chelverton Asset Management to offer a discretionary portfolio service designed to mitigate IHT by investing in a portfolio of AIM shares, carefully constructed by our team of specialist investors.





The Blackfinch AIM Portfolios may appeal to investors who meet some/all of the below:


   — Investors who have built up significant ISA portfolios.       
        Transferring a portion of these assets into the Blackfinch

        AIM Portfolio will retain the tax benefits of an ISA and
        also provide IHT relief.


   — Individuals with estates with a value in excess of the current
        nil rate band and who require a swift and simple IHT solution.


   — Younger investors who would like to begin sheltering assets
        from IHT (within or outside an ISA) and who would like
        to participate in the attractive returns AIM has to offer.


   —  Both investors looking for growth of capital and those wishing
        to receive an income from their investment portfolio.





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